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Fresh water Flush

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The fresh water flush is offered as foot pump flush system

Fresh water Foot Flush

Available as part of a new unit configuration only.

Plastic Flush Bowl

standard Maxim 3000 fresh water flush

Plastic Flapper Flush Bowl

optional Maxim 3000 fresh water flush

Stainless Steel Flush Bowl

upgrade Maxim 3000 fresh water flush

Fresh Flush Base Configuration

optional Maxim 3000 fresh water flush

Foot Pump / Base features:

  • Hands free user operation
  • Discreet positioning of pump in the unit
  • Fully sealed, heavy duty rubber encasement of pump
  • 3 piece base is fresh water reservoir
  • Flushing is activated by a foot pump integral to the base

Fresh water Flush Bowl features:

  • Integral, stylish bowl and tank assembly
  • Waste is well hidden from view (rear exit in bowl)
  • Crack resistant plastic, made of high density polyethylene
  • Fresh flushing system (with fresh water foot flush base)
  • Three types of bowls – plastic (std), stainless and flapper bowls are optional.

Fits in the following Satellite Toilets:

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