Hand Sanitation Stations


Slimmate II / Slimmate II Full Forearm


Forearm Height:1118mm
Weight empty:6.4Kg / full: 44Kg
No. of Uses:200



This compact in-unit handwash has a water-conserving "fan spray" nozzle and still has a generous amount of fresh water for a high number of washes per fill. The foot pedal is positioned so users can operate the unit easily and get a thorough washing with limited pumps.

  • Offer your customers fresh water hand washing.
  • Narrow design helps it stay out of users' way and conserves interior space
  • Custom-fitted for all Satellite standard models (excluding Maxim 3000 - see Mx3 handwash sink)
  • Fits inside most standard portable toilets currently on the market

Slimmate Full Forearm

Designed to fit in most units, this Slimmate's full forearm oversized basin allows users to wash all the way past the elbow. Narrow and sleek this unit still leaves plenty of room inside the toilet.

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