Vacuum Pump Modules



Aluminum MAL Series


Total Volume1700L1700L1700L1700L
Waste Capacity1150L1150L1150L1150L
Fresh Water Capacity550L550L550L550L
L x W x H (mm)1980 x 1710 x 15001980 x 1710 x 15001980 x 1710 x 15001980 x 1650 x 1500
Footprint L x W (mm)2080 x 18002080 x 18002080 x 18002080 x 1750
Empty Weight*340 kg350 kg360 kg370 kg

*Dry weight is based on calculation of all components separately. They may vary depending on the service module configuration.


Looking for a module that offers enough volume for a larger daily route, but still maintain a low weight? The MAL450 offers the best weight/volume ratio on the market. With dry weights from as little as 340kg, and offering a total volume of 1700 litres (1150 waste / 550 fresh) it can be mounted on virtually all small trucks. The MAL450 can be delivered with reliable Honda engine or with a hydraulic drive.

Standard Features

  • Material, Aluminium 5454
  • Type ‘tank-in-tank’ 2 chamber
  • 2 Zinc Anodes
  • Easy Fix mounting system
  • Primary ball valve
  • Manhole 8'' (DN200)
  • Secondary ball valve with 1½’’ (DN40) drain
  • Oil separator with drain
  • Heavy duty, UV-resistant hoses
  • Honda GX160 electric start (MAL450, MAL450LP, MAL450HPe)
  • Honda GX200 electric start (MAL450HP only)
  • 12V Battery (MAL450, MAL450LP, MAL450HP only)
  • Vacuum pump Conde 2.000 l/min
  • External oil tank for vacuum pump
  • 2 Sight glasses for waste water level
  • 3'' (DN80) Waste inlet (with 2'' connector)
  • Sight tube for fresh water level
  • 1¼’’ (DN32) Bucket-fill
  • 3'' Waste outlet with 3'' Camlock couplers


  • Low pressure washing system (MAL450LP only)
    • Electric waterpump (19 l/min)
    • Waterfilter
    • 10m of 1/2'' hose stored on hook
    • Spraygun with adjustable nozzle
  • Electric High pressure washing system (MAL450HPe only)
    • Leeson 1hp electric motor
    • External battery needed
    • CAT HP Pump 4DX27, set at 9.5l@85b
    • 15 liter soapdispenser
    • 10m of HP hose, stored on hook
    • Short spraygun with adjustable nozzle
  • Beltdrive High pressure washing system (MAL450HP only)
    • Electric clutch to disconnect HP pump
    • CAT HP Pump 3CP112, set at 12l@140b
    • 10m of HP hose, stored on hook
    • Short spraygun with adjustable nozzle
  • Suction hoses
    • 2"x7.6m
    • 2"x9.1m
    • 2"x12.2m
    • 2"x15.2m
    • 2"x18.3m
  • Dump hoses
    • 3"x1.5m
    • 3"x3m
  • High pressure hose reel ABS (MAL450HPe and MAL450HP only)
  • High pressure hose reel Stainless (MAL450HPe and MAL450HP only)
  • Vaporizer to eliminate odour
  • Performance Pack
    • Honda 9hp instead of Honda 5.5hp
    • Conde 6SDS vacuumpump 3.250 l/min
  • Hydraulic drive kit
    • Hydraulic oil tank
    • Hydraulic motor for vacuumpump

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