Paper towel Dispenser

A NEW combination paper towel dispenser that has the most versatility of its kind in the industry. Provide the convenience of paper towels when using handwash units in a sanitary system or portable toilet and maintain the flexibility to choose the type of towel used.

  • Dispenses singlefold, multifold and C fold with a single dispenser
  • Easy to switch from one type to another
  • Easy pull to work with wet hands
  • Durable ABS material
  • Matt finish to hide scratches
  • Metal latch
  • Key lock
  • Screw and locknut assembly
  • Six slotted mounting holes for easy mounting
  • Black color to maintain a high quality appearance
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Height: 395 mm
Width: 295 mm
Depth: 170 mm
Capacity: 400 C-fold or multifold or 750 singlefold
Color: Black


These shelves fit neatly into the corner without cluttering the interior, and are large enough for a purse or small bag. A great way to enhance rental revenue, a shelf is an improvement in user convenience.

  • Multi-purpose Shelf available for Tufway, Liberty, and Freedom installations
  • Maxim 3000 Shelf designed for a custom fit


An unbreakable, polished stainless steel vanity mirror is easily mounted and adds a touch of class to any unit.

Gender Indicators

Gender-specific plaques help you distinguish your units and appeal to specific market segments.

Solar Light Kit

Add light to any portable toilet unit to enhance its usability for evening events. The solar light kit provides a generous amount of light from dusk to dawn. The light detector in the solar cell is activated when it gets dark and turns off when its light; no switch and no sensor. Approximate run time is 6-8 hours.

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