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Mains Connection Cabin


Mondo Mains Connect:

Height: 2310mm
Width: 1118mm
Depth: 1219mm
Weight: 73.5 kg
Floor area: 1041mm x 533mm
Door opening: 1937mm x 619mm

Tufway Mains Connect:

Height: 2328mm
Width: 1118mm
Depth: 1219mm
Weight: 75kg
Floor area: 1041mm x 533mm
Door opening: 1854mm x 610mm

Standard Features

  • Fresh Water Inlet

    Fresh water inlet (back of unit)

  • Mains Connect Basin

    Large wash basin

  • Waste Water Exit

    Waste water exit (on back of unit)

  • Durable ceramic toilet pan & plastic cisternn

    Durable ceramic toilet pan & plastic cistern

Additional Options

  • Hot water supply

    Hot water supply

  • Power plug

    Power plug

Optional upgrade, on request - Hot water units

  • 3kw infrared water heater
  • Motion sensor for 20 seconds of water flow
  • 16 amp power socket fitted to the rear of the cabin
  • RCD protection
  • Waterproof fuse box
  • Optional PIR activated light


For optimum comfort, just like home. When connection to mains water and waste services is the best option, the Mains connection cabin meets the highest requirements in functionality and comfort with its ceramic toilet bowl, just like at home. The Mains connection cabin can be quickly and easily connected to the sewage system, and offers a professional, alternative solution for all toilet hirers making sure that your toilet users really feel at home!

Home comforts everywhere! The Mains connection in standard specification has everything that is required to make the user feel at home. And, if you select the optional hot water upgrade, you can offer even more comfort thanks to its 3 kW infrared water heater supplying warm hand wash water on demand.

Standard features:

  • Hidden cistern with integrated soap tray
  • 1/2" cold/fresh water connection and 4" waste pipe connection
  • Full plastic floor
  • Simple maintenance and cleaning
  • Ceramic toilet bowl

The Mains Connect cabin is available in Tufway and Mondo. Colours and dimensions are the same as chosen model.

Cold Mains connect: Free with 30,000 ROI points. Learn More

Hot Mains connect: Free with 36,000 ROI points. Learn More

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