Product Maintenance

Promoting the longevity of portable toilets and handwash units in addition to service vehicles relies heavily upon proper care and maintenance. Here are a few resources to keep your equipment in top condition for years to come.

Extend the lifetime of your aluminium tanks

With the popularity of aluminum tanks in the Toilet Industry today, it is extremely important to follow proper maintenance and product care to enhance the lifetime of the tank. Additional care and maintenance is needed to extend the life of aluminum tanks.

Aluminum is susceptible to various chemicals that can be a factor in determining the life expectancy of your aluminum tank. Additional care and maintenance to your tank can improve the life expectancy of your aluminum tank.

To assure that your aluminum tank has the best opportunity with stand the attack of corrosive chemicals, it is highly suggested that the interior of your aluminum tank is pressure washed a minimum of six times per year. This will assure that there are no chemicals trapped in crevices or around interior welded components that will accelerate the process of deterioration of the aluminum.

Check your zinc anodes

On top of that Satellite Industries fits all their service modules with zinc anodes. These anodes are a wearing part. The anode will attract the corrosive materials and deteriorate instead of the tank.

Upon delivery you have been made aware that these anodes will need to be checked for wear every 6 months. The correct procedure is to take them out (unscrewing), after emptying the respective tank, and measure for length. When new and unused, the total length of the zinc on the anode is 7.5cm.

It has come to our attention that some customers tend to forget this check. Through this notice we want to bring this basic maintenance back under your attention.

Please take the time to check the anodes periodically. Failing to do so might void the warranty on the tank.

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