Additional Products

Find new products and a variety of options to upgrade your toilets and expand your business.

  • Portable Handwash Station

    Hand Sanitation Stations

    Many stylish, hygienic handwash and hand sanitation stations are offered that will diversify your fleet and improve your profitability

  • Toilet Flush Systems

    Flush Systems

    Equip your portable toilets with a flushing bowl system to hide waste and stay clean. Find the flushing system that will suit your toilets tanks.

  • Portable Toilet Lift Kits

    Lift Kits

    Provide safe portable toilet lifting in multi-story sites.

  • Portable Toilet Accessories


    Easy to install options to enhance a restroom’s functionality and improve the user experience

  • Urinals


    A collection of portable urinals, that accommodates 3-4 users at a time, to provide additional capacity for your events.

  • Portable Toilet Movers


    Complete your range of products with a toilet mover, free-standing or storage tank and durable containment trays to catch wash down

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