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Flush Systems

Upgrade your units with a flushing bowl system to hide waste and stay clean.

  • Basic Flush Kit

    The basic re-circulating flush kit is a popular option for customers since it can be installed quickly to easily upgrade any of Satellite’s standard, wheelchair accessible and many other portable toilets into a flushing unit. Available as a hand or foot pump flush system.

  • Flapper Flush

    This unique fresh flush system features a plastic flapper bowl that hides waste from view and seals tight to reduce odor. Retrofit any of Satellite’s standard units and some specialty units into a flushing unit with a versatile flapper bowl. Available as a hand or foot pump flush system.

  • Flip Top Flush

    Effective flushing action and low maintenance characterize the new flip top flushing system. The re-circulating foot or hand flush system has superior design features that ensure its longevity. This convenient all-in-one flushing tank has the power to clean itself after each use.

  • Squat Flush

    Squatting tank with flushing system

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